23K gold leaf with prismatic burnish and painted jewel centers

Looking Back

1938 Chris-Craft Sportsman

The owner chose the name to imply looking back in time as well as referring to the fact that the passenger seats face the back of the boat

23K gold leaf with prismatic burnish, painted jewel centers and blended shade


23K engine turn gold leaf with double outline

Daddy’s Boy

Simple 2-color painted name

Sea Rounds

Awlgrip® painted name

At Ease

PPG and HOK urethanes

A lot of work goes into some of these boat names

Receiving multiple coats of clear

Church Lady

Simple hand-painted name using 1 shot lettering enamel

Cocktail Class Runabout

8′ Cocktail Class Racer

Faux teak and painted pinstriping with engine-turn aluminum leaf numbers

Custom painted graphics with pinstriped flames


Awlgrip® painted name with 10K gold leaf beveled outline

Mama Mia

Scarlet Lady

All enamel on name and pictorial

Detail of pictorial

Next Endeavor

23K engine turn gold leaf

Didi Mau

Simple single color painted name