"Escape the Ordinary"

As you look through the examples of my work on the pages of this website you will see art expressed in many different forms.  A boat name may be airbrushed to look like polished metal or include an airbrushed graphic of a blue marlin.  The letters on a mahogany wall plague might be hand carved and then embellished with 23K gold leaf.  You will find company logos constructed from individually designed lettering not available in any font.  These skills were developed through years of continuing education and a desire for excellence.  As important as these hand skills are, they are not the only things that make our signs extraordinary.

Having learned the trade of sign painting just at the brink when computerized signmaking equipment was entering the marketplace, I am competent using both mediums in the production of signs.  This has really proved to be an asset.  In today’s world, most designs will eventually need to be reproduced digitally.  Though I prefer the old method of using pencils and brushes, I am also proficient at digitizing hand drawn artwork into computer files for the printing of business cards, t-shirts, etc.  

Another by-product of my melding of traditional sign painting and computer skills has been the conversion of hand drawn alphabets into complete fonts that can be installed onto any computer.  These are available for purchase in the Retro Fonts section of this website.  As you look through the pages of this site, see if something sparks an idea for your next sign.  If it does, please send us an email or give us a call.  Thanks for visiting!

Rodney Vicik

Signs and lettering are my passion.  Never satisfied with just the basics, I’ve learned to airbrush, screen print, hand-carve, and pinstripe.  If I see something that intrigues me; a special effect or a unique trend; I figure out how to do it. I am very fortunate, having learned the trade of sign painting just at the brink when computerized sign making equipment was hitting the market.  Another couple of years and the skill would have seemed obsolete.  Also, I have endured in business long enough to see sign painting come back in vogue.