I have been fortunate enough to meet some very talented craftsmen as I practice my own craft. Some are designers, bakers, printers, restaurateurs, welders, boat builders and the list goes on. They care deeply about what they do and how they do it.

It is certainly not easy to be self-employed and run a small business. Goods and services that were once only available locally are now provided by huge retailers at cheap prices. And yet somehow, this small diverse group of craftspeople are keeping “the dream” alive.

How are they able to compete with the big boys? What are the secrets to their success? Maybe you have entertained the thought of starting your own small business. Wouldn’t it be encouraging, even inspirational, to hear what they have to say.

My business has survived because of the help and support of the community where I both live and practice my trade. I would like to show my gratitude by paying it forward. I would like to introduce you to some of the craftspeople that I have met along the way. It is my hope that you too will be inspired.