Teak and mahogany have been used in boat building for years. However they have become pricey not only in the initial investment but also in the time and money spent to maintain. Faux teak is a great way to provide a low maintenance alternative to the real thing. We use high quality marine paints to duplicate the look of real teak on your vessel.

Helm Pod

The first step is to remove anything that you can and tape up anything that you can’t. Next, a custom mix golden yellow Awlgrip® base is applied.

Next, special brushes are used to paint the teak wood-grain pattern. Even faux glue joints are painted in to emulate the joinery found on real wood pieces.
The final step is to spray multiple coats of Awlgrip® high-solids clear and reattach electronics and mechanical.

Dawn Marie

Before and after teaking the transom
Individual boards are taped off and painted as if the transom were wood instead of fiberglass
Multiple techniques used to add the grain
Close-up of right side of transom
23K gold leaf name and port
Close-up of the prismatic burnish on the gold leaf lettering